Intensives and Workshops

6th Annual Body-Mind Centering® Festival in Albany, NY

November 9 & 10, 2019

Center for Nia & Yoga, 1720 Central Ave, Colonie, NY, 12205

Featuring Certified Body-Mind Centering PRESENTERS: Nicole Bindler, Michele Feldheim, Wendy Hambidge, Sylvia Maes, Mariko Tanabe, Julie, Teetsov, Elissa Weinzimmer

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  • JANUARY 3-10, 2020
  • AGES 18+

The ADF Winter Intensive in New York City is eight days of classes, conversations, and a performance with NYC-based artists and educators. Artists gather at the Intensive from around the country and world to train, discover new ideas, and experience performances together in the charged environment of New York City.

The Intensive establishes a trusting, inclusive community as the necessary foundation for rigorous training, meaningful dialogue, and exciting creative exploration. ADF faculty construct caring, yet challenging, learning environments that celebrate difference and the multiplicity of perspectives that comes along with it.


Each year, ADF chooses a critical lens that allows us to form a vibrant research community focused on a shared concern. In 2020, the Winter Intensive will explore the physical imagination: How does dance allow us to explore and realize our wildest imaginings?



Limón Training Information


The Tlacopac International Artist Residency in Mexico City


Dance Icon: National and International Opportunities in Dance 

Gibney Dance Center
New York City

  • Group Study Program
    Students in the Group Study Program learn from Gibney Dance’s renowned faculty and working artists during their stay, in a range of contexts: master classes, panel discussions, curated performances, and more. This experience is ideal for groups from universities and schools looking to dive deeply into the NYC contemporary dance scene. Residencies are 100% customizable, and can range from one class, to one day, to two days or more. Programs are priced according to content; starting at just $700.
  • Summer and Winter Study at Gibney Dance
    Gibney Dance offers four and eight week programs each summer through NYC Summer Study, and a two week program each January through NYC Winter Study. Summer and Winter Study offer students a perfect opportunity to explore the NYC dance community. Students take class with our world-renowned faculty, see cutting-edge performances, receive individual attention from program staff, and deepen their engagement with the field through panel discussions, seminars, and more.
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    Summer Study Information
  • Professional Training Program
    Gibney Dance’s Professional Training Program offers students from around the country an opportunity for focused, immersive study at Gibney Dance in New York City over 3, 6, or 12 months. Participants create their own schedule from Gibney class offerings, and must complete 22 instructional class hours weekly. Students take class alongside NYC professionals and are offered access to studio space and opportunities specific to their chosen tracks.